One Piece 533 raw pics spoiler confirmed

One Piece 533 raw pics spoiler confirmed : Lv4 Infernal hell
Credit goes to Aohige_AP

Scan 1:
Lv4 Infernal hell

Scan 2:
Marine: Vice Admiral Momonga!
Momonga: What happened
Marine: It’s been reported that… “Red Hair” has had some skirmish in the New World.
Momonga: “Red Hair” has…!? Are you sure it’s not some mistake? Why now…. Who is the opponent?
Marine: Kaidou of the Yonkou..!!
Momonga: !!??
Marine: The HQ suspects, Kaidou intended to take out Whitebeard in this oppourunity, and “Red Hair” stopped him.
We broke a sweat hearing this report…!!

Scan 3:
some prisoners being thrown into the massive pot, screaming

Scan 4:
Former Baroque Works
Assasin “Das Bones”
A.K.A. Mr.1

Scan 5:
The rest of the three prison beasts
MinoZebra (shy of strangers), MinoKoala (aggressive), and MinoRhinoceros (reserved)

Scan 6:
Guard reporting to Magellan (who seems to be in a restroom lol) about Luffy and co (get through?)
Magellan: What!!? What did you say!? How!!
guard: It seems they came down the venting hole above the pot….
Magellan: But under that is the (can’t read)!? How did they survive!?
guard: They probably… (can’t read)
guard: On top of that!
Magellan: What!
guard: The prison beast Minotauros came down the hold, unable to move.
Sady-chan: You mean he was taken out…!?

Scan 7:
Mr.3: There’s not a single guard or a warden around…!
Look the soldiers are moving about! This is not a usual day here!!
We must look for exit right away… We may have been ambused, and trapped in this floor!
Buggy: Ambushed in Level 4, that means they’re after the Strawhats!! US being here is totally an accident!
Mr.3: Either way, our faces are known as escapees.
What I’m afraid of… is that There’s a high possibility that the entire “all-star” force of Impel down is gathered here on this floor!!
The rest of the three guardian beasts, and of course… if Warden Chief Magellan is here… it’s all over!!

Scan 8:
Mr.2: Magellan!!!
Luffy: Who!?
Magellan: You rodents….!!!

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