Onepiece 671 Spoilers

Onepiece 671 Spoilers Quotes:Onepiece 671 Trivia: The Noah ship is most likely named after the story of Noah’s Ark.

One Piece 671 Spoilers Summaries
Credit: T
Trans : CCC


モネ『あら デート?嬉しい?』 ローはシカトで何処かへ向かう。

ルフィとシーザーの戦い。シーザーのガスを吸い込んだルフィ。部下達には即死だぁ~と言われるがルフィは無 事。



Cover: A pumpkin coach pulled by Chopper, with happy-looking Nami-derella and some mice”

Sanji strips down and dives into the lake to search for Kinemon’s body.

Only Monet is in the lab.
Law says that they should be leaving soon. He wants to take her with him and borrow her ability.
“Oh, on a date? I’m so happy.” Law ignores her and heads off somewhere.
Caesar and Luffy are fighting. Luffy inhales some gas. The subordinates say that he’ll die instantly, but he’s fine.
It’s revealed that [Luffy’s relative immunity] is thanks to Magellan, but Caesar says not to lump him in the same category as Magellan.
Luffy attacks with JET Mace (haki enhanced “Bell”).
Under Caesar’s orders, the slime wraps around Luffy and creates a giant explosion.
Luffy’s fine and attacks again, this time with Stamp.
He catches Caesar again, but then collapses in pain and loses consciousness.

Law and Monet.
Law is suddenly in pain.
Law: “Who’s over there!?”
??: “It’s me.”
Law: “Why are you here!?”
Monet laughs haughtily.
??: “How many years has it been… You’ve grown up, Law.”

And yes, the “No chapter next week” is printed on the last page.

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