Onepiece 653 Spoilers

Onepiece 653 Spoilers Quotes:Onepiece 653 Trivia: Hatchan’s name is quite strange. In the Japanese language, chan is a diminutive suffix, added to the end of someone’s name, giving it the meaning of “cute” or “little”. However, Hatchan insists that his name is Hatchan and that Hachi is just a nickname. When questioned on this, Oda replied that the chan is similar to the last name of “Chan” common in Chinese, rather than the suffix -chan. He is the one of two characters to have a Japanese honorific problem with the word “Chan” in the name, the other being Sadi-chan whose name caused confusion for the Marines.

Onepiece 653 Spoilers Summaries

Source AP
Credits: Aohige
Verification: Confirmed
Translation: Aohige

新世界用のログポースが出た位かな。行き先は3つから選ぶ事と針の動きがおかしいほど危険な島 な位。

Off to the New World.
Not much content, just farewells and such.
Some details for the Log Pose for the New World are revealed.
You can choose a destination out of three possible choices, and the stranger the needle moves, the more dangerous the island.
(So you can predetermine which of the three island is more dangerous)

Credits : T
Verification: Pending
Translation: Google Translate

Pirates expected to show up in the New World (Oda’s current plan 1)

“Gulf Sword” Sepultura
Captain of the Sepultura Pirates
300 million bounty

“Island Jumper” Hopper Stepper
Captain of the Jumper Pirates
250 million bounty

“Thousand-mile vision” Renee Scarborough
Captain of the Scarborough Pirates
280 million bounty

“Blood Drop” L’Ollonais Bramstalker
Captain of the Dracula Pirates
320 million bounty

“Lazy Cow” Rackam Biefsky (Beefski?)
Captain of the Biefsky (Beefski?) Pirates
400 million bounty

“Dragon Wing” Lopen
Captain of the El Draco Pirates
350 million bounty

“Great Elder” Mrs. Mary
Captain of the Mary Pirates
430 million bounty

End of Onepiece 653 Spoiler

Onepiece 653 Spoilers at will out on Tue or Wed. If you like discuss the onepiece ワンピース ネタバレ 653 please leave a comment bellow. Please be patient.

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