ONEPIECE [ワンピース ネタバレ] 639 Spoiler

ONEPIECE 639 Spoiler is out. We will update this post as soon as the one piece 639 spoilers is out

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ONEPIECE 639 Spoiler Summaries
Source: manganoise
Credits: T
Trans: Aohige_AP


One Piece 第639話 全部守る
扉絵 アラバスタ王国 今年は世界会議、服を新調するチャカペル
ホーディが刺した理由はデッケンが死ねば能力解除でこのまま真っ逆さまに魚人島に落とすつもり 。
マンボシリュウボシが止めに入るが一蹴。しらほしの背中に乗り殺そうとするもルフィのゴムゴムの蛇銃でギリ ギリ止める。


one piece Chapter 639: I’ll protect all
coverstory: Alabasta Kingdom, this is the year of Reverie, Chaka and Pell wearing new clothes for it

Decken is stabbed, but he reaches out with his left hand and touches Hody to lock on
The reason Hody stabbed him is because if Decken dies, his powers should go away and the ark will fall on Fishman Island
Decken throws an axe at him, but Hody dodges. The axe returns to him, but Hody uses Decken as a shield so it comes straight for him.

Hody goes after Shirahoshi before the ark falls
Manboshi and Ryuuboshi comes in to stop, but he blows them away easily
He hops on back of Shirahoshi and attemps to kill her, but Luffy stops him just in time with Gomu Gomu Snake Gun. (Snake gun?)
Fukaboshi and Shirahoshi comes together (Luffy on Fukaboshi’s back)
Hody tells him he can’t protect anything
Luffy replies he’ll protect everything, that’s what the last two years were for

The scene changes to the plaza.
Zeo convinces Wadatsumi to battle Surume
The feed Wadatsumi ES pills, and he knocks out Surume
He then goes after Jinbe, but Jinbe replies with a roundhouse kick that takes him down
The gust of wind caused by the fight knocks Nami down, and Sanji kicks his head in rage
Sanji & Jinbe vs ES Wadatsumi
Hyouzou starts attacking both friend and foe indiscriminately
He charges towards Robin, and Zoro cuts in
Zoro vs ES Houzou (Hyouzou munches ES pill like a side-dish to his sake, and wakes up charged up lol)

End of one piece 639 chapter

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