ONE PIECE 637 Spoiler – ワンピース ネタバレ 第637話

ONE PIECE 第637話 spoiler is out. we will update this post as soon as the spoiler is out. if you would like to discuss the ONEPIECE 637 spoilers or predictions, please leave a comment below

ONE PIECE 637 Spoiler Summaries
Credits: Ohana & T
Trans: Aohige


タイトル 古の方舟
ノアが魚人島に到達。ノアの中にはデッケンが。魚人島を包むシャボンを割りそうな状況皆が焦っているとシ ラホシが自らノアに向かっていく。
ワダツミが船から落ち、デッケンに助けを求めるがデッケンは無理だと。ノアの前に立ちふさがるしらほし。 デッケンにナイフを投げられ傷付くシラホシ。
ホーディーはノアの船底に上っていく。デッケンに一度は殺されかけた案だがこれは良い案だと 。
サンジがスカイウォークで助けに向かうがルフィが行くと。ノアの中は水のはずだがデッケンが動けるだけの 空気は有るはず。


Luffy’s strength is overwhelming Hody. Everyone observing are amazed at his power.
Luffy uses CoA haki to attack Hody, but Hody is very resilient.

The Noah arrives at the Fishman Island. Decken is seen inside Noah.
As the Ark nearly breaches through the bubbles surrounding FI, Shirahoshi heads to the Ark herself.
Wadatsumi falls off the Ark and asks Decken for help, but Decken says it’s impossible.
Shirahoshi stands in front of Decken. Decken throws a knife at her, and she is wounded.

Hody climbs the bottom of the ark. This plan was apparently once shot down by Decken, but Hody feels this is a good plan.
(? That makes very little sense, but T’s in a hurry and didn’t elaborate on this)
Sanji uses Sky Walk to rescue her, but Luffy says he’ll go instead.
Inside Noah is filled with water, but there should be enough air inside for Decken to move around.
As Luffy heads to Noah, Jinbe hands Luffy a coral that spits out bubble just in case.

End of chapter

ONEPIECE 637 The Ancient Arc
Cover is Kureha

Hody endures Luffy’s attacks
Hody punches Luffy, but all it does is stretch his neck
Luffy: Your attacks don’t hurt me, I’m rubber!
Luffy does Gomu Gomu no Gong with CoA infused head

Luffy blows away Hody’s crew
Hody takes the chance to kick Luffy, but Luffy simply catches the kick with one hand
Luffy spins around Hody’s leg and kicks him back.

Hody tosses Yabusame (Water Shots) at Luffy, but not a single one lands on Luffy.
Luffy lands a clean punch hit on Hody’s stomach
Shirahoshi: Luffy-sama, you’re so strong…!

The sky is darkened, and the Ark of Noah decends.
The Noah starts destroying the bubble to enter the island
Both the citizens and Hody’s men are worried it’s going to shatter the island
Wadatsumi falls from the Ark. Apparently Decken is the one moving the ark
Shirahoshi stands in front of the ark
Shirahoshi: My life is your target is it not? Please stop threatening lives of everyone in the Ryuuguu kingdom just to take my life!
I am right here!

Decken planned to destroy the island along with Hody and all
He changes the direction of Noah towards Shirahoshi, then throws a knife at her
Hody jumps onto the Noah

Luffy: Weakhoshi!!! I told her not to get far from me!
Luffy asks Sanji to help him get on the Noah
Sanji: Luffy!! The ship is inside the water!
Luffy: Jinbe, is the inside of the ship filled with water too?
Jinbe: Decken is a devil fruit user after all, there should be enough air inside for him to move around!!
If you’re going, take this with you! It’s a coral that puts out bubbles!
Sanji: Alright, I’ll leave the beloved Shirahoshi-chan up to you!! Get ready to be fired up there, Luffy!
Luffy: Thanks!
Luffy grabs onto Sanji’s legs


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