ONE PIECE 580 Pictures & Summaries

ONE PIECE 580 Pictures

Source: 2ch
Verification: confirmed
Download: ワンピース ネタバレ 580

ONE PIECE 580 Spoiler ONE PIECE 580 Spoiler ONE PIECE 580 Spoiler ONE PIECE 580 Spoiler ONE PIECE 580 Spoiler ONE PIECE 580 Spoiler ONE PIECE 580 Spoiler ONE PIECE 580 Spoiler ONE PIECE 580 Spoiler ONE PIECE 580 Spoiler ONE PIECE 580 Spoiler

ONE PIECE 580 Summaries

Source: んじゃ @ 2ch
Verification: confirmed
Translation: Aohige_AP

落ちている麦わらを 約束が違うからまた今度だなと過去の回想に浸るシャンクス
バギーに お前に宝の地図渡したいからこれをルフィーに渡してくれ
ため口で喧嘩を売り 四皇相手にため口で喧嘩売る様を見ていた囚人達が

これ以上やるなら俺らが相手だ と赤髪海賊団
黒ひげにも睨みをきかせ 黒ひげ お前と争うのは今じゃないな~目的のものも手に入ったし引く~
白ひげ・エースの2人の弔いは俺らがやると シャンクス
センゴクが お前なら・・いいだろう





Title is… I think the cover was Robin

Shanks picks up the strawhat, and says this isn’t how we promised, so we’ll do this next time.. as he flashes back on the past.
He tells Buggy he’ll give him a treasure map, so give this strawhat to Luffy.
Buggy gets excited and takes the strawhat back to Luffy, but upon return he realizes Shanks was just screwing with him, and starts insulting Shanks. The prisoners see him talking to Shanks, a Yonkou, as his equal, and say they’ll follow Buggy for life.

Aokiji and Kizaru attacks Law’s submarine trying to escape.
Ice Age freezes even the ocean below, and Kizaru’s laser spam rains down from above as the sub tries to dodge and run (whether they got away or not isn’t shown)

Some interaction between Marco and Shanks.
Shanks tells the marines if you want to continue, the entire Redhaired Pirates will face them.
Sengoku gives up the war, and tells the marines to tend to the wounded.
He (doesn’t specify if this is Sengoku or Shanks) then looks at Blackbeard, and says this isn’t the time to fight you yet… we’ll withdraw as we got what we wanted.
Hancock charms marines, and takes them to search for Luffy
Shanks says he’ll do the burial for Whitebeard and Ace.
Some of the marines protest to this, but Sengoku tells him “I don’t mind… since it’s you”
One shots of all the characters, and narration stating the war has ended, and fin.

Break next chapter.

Nja answering questions of how Buggy got the strawhat to the sub.

Law was checking out Redhaired, and his men were telling him to get inside, when Buggy arrives and chunks the strawhat from above. The hat gets back to Luffy.