Naruto 483 Spoiler

Naruto 483 Spoiler
Source: 2ch
Via : Naruto 483 @MS
Credits: Nja
Verification: Confirmed


んで手にクナイもってカリンの目の前にたって 今サスケ君を刺せばすべて終わる~
見たいな事考えていたら 後ろからサスケが千鳥でサクラの後頭部めがけて突き刺そう
としていた所 案山子登場でサクラを助け 本気の殺意…地に落ちたなサスケ
カカシ お前を殺したくない~
サスケ ハッいつでも俺を殺せるような事をいってくれるな先生
    俺はいつでもお前を殺したいとウズウズしてる カカシ~
カカシ いまになって三代目の事がわかった気がする オロチ丸が落ちていってもかわいくて
サスケ んじゃてめえは三代目の二の舞になるだよ!!

で終わり (サクラはカカシにいわれ カリンを治療しここからすぐに立ち去れといわれどっかいってた)

カカシ サクラお前一人でサスケを殺し一人で背負い込むなんてするな
サスケ イタチを~… 父を母を~ 一族を~全部戻してくれたらこんな事やめてやる!!
カカシ いい加減なことばっかいってる先生でごめんなサクラ…(死亡フラグ?)


Translation by on3word @NF

Something amazing happens.

If Sakura deals the final blow to Karin, Sasuke will replace her on his team. So she stands before Karin with a kunai. If she takes out Sasuke now though, she could end everything~

Sasuke uses Chidori from behind and aims for the head, trying to stab her. Kakashi appears and saves Sakura. He intended to kill her…Sasuke has fallen.
Some conversational exachanges occur.
Kakashi: I don’t want to kill you.
Sasuke: Ha, you always talk as if you could kill me sensei. But it’s I that has been itching to kill you, Kakashi.
And some more after that, he says at the end..
Kakashi: I now understand what the 3rd meant. In the way Orochimaru has fallen, I’m afraid I’ve no choice…
Sasuke: Fine, so then you will follow in the 3rd’s footsteps then!!

It ends there (Kakashi tells Sakura to get away as she’s treating Karin.)
Kakashi: Sakura, don’t be burdened into thinking you have to take out Sasuke alone. That is my duty. Don’t be obsessed with revenge like Sasuke.
Sasuke: Itachi…my father and mother…the clan…if you can bring them all back, then I’ll stop!!

Kakashi: Sorry Sakura for being nothing but irresponsible…(is this a sign he might die?) Sakura, I’m leaving this kid [Karin] to you. You probably know the enemies circumstances well. You have time to treat her and get away. Leave this to me.

Sakura didn’t commit suicide after all.
Sasuke VS Kakashi.
Will Naruto make an appearance too?

Translation by Shounensuki
If Sakura finishes Karin off, Sasuke will take her in as her replacement.
Well, she is standing in front of Karin with a kunai in her hand. If I stab Sasuke-kun now, all will be over.
As she is thinking something like that, behind her, Sasuke aims a Chidori to the back of Sakura’s head and is about to about to pierce her.
At that moment, Kakashi appears and saves Sakura. “Real intent to kill… You really sunk low, didn’t you Sasuke”

Then some arguing back and forth

Kakashi: “I don’t want to kill you”
Sasuke: “Heh, you’re always saying things about killing me, sensei. I’m itching to kill you, though, Kakashi.”
Well, after this is the conclusion
Kakashi: “I now understand how the Sandaime must have felt. Even though Orochimaru sunk so low, he still couldn’t help but care…”
Sasuke: “Well, then you’re making the same mistake he did!!”
It ends with this. (Sakura is telling Kakashi that she’s giving Karin medical treatment so they can leave immediately after this)


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