History of Manga Manga in 2000

Since 2000, manga has enjoyed great popularity which in turn helped push many other elements of Japanese culture to be imported here. Not to mention the increase of interest in taking Japanese courses and JLPT every year. I will write about these subcultures in the Part III: Indonesians and Manga Culture.

Around 2002, businesses bounced back and people got on with their lives. And as purchasing power increased, so did the number of titles published – from 10-30 titles to nearly 70 titles per month. And after an unsuccessful attempt at a manga magazine called Candy[Image] back in the 90s, Elex braced themselves and launched Nakayoshi Gress in September 2003.

Manga themes also caught up with those who were kids in the 90s, and in September 2005, Elex hit another milestone by launching Level, an adult imprint. Advertised heavily in anime and manga communities, adult manga fans welcomed titles that were previously considered impossible to be published in Indonesia.

The manga market in Indonesia is maturing and has never been better. Publishers are also making a lot of money despite the lack of proper advertising initiatives and problems like preferences over scanlation and pirated copies of manga.

credits : brungut.com


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