Bleach 371 Spoiler

Bleach 371 Spoiler

via : mangaspoiler
credits : nja@2ch
verification : confirmed


王 おお~暇で暇でしょうがない所によくきた~お前らが来なかったら
オールバック この刀をみてくれ
王      なんだ~?
オールバック ここから俺についていけば~色々かえてやるぞ~
王      貴様の作る世界などいらん~
オールバック あなたの世界はもうこんなですよ?
しかし オールバックを殺すのはワシ常にお前の命を狙ってやる~
    俺が王なんだ~お前を殺すのはこのワシ!!! アイゼンソウスケ!!

スターク No2が死んでも一言も無しか…
ハリベル …
スターク やるせないね~  弔い合戦じゃないですがこちらもそろそろはじめますか~

っていった所で完です あんま進まないね;;

English translation

Title is something like…

The King’s Reflections

Aizen, Gin, and Tousen visit Barragan.

Barragan: You come so often you must have too much free time. If you didn’t come you might have divided your own army in two and tried to wage war.

Aizen: Look at this sword.
Barragan: What?

Aizen: If you follow me from now on I’ll change many things for you.
Barragan: You didn’t create this world!
Aizen: Your world is already this way.

Gin and Tousen quickly kill his subordinates.

Barragan submits.
However, he swears he will always try to kill Aizen
“I am the King! I will be the one to kill you, Aizen Sousuke!!”

He dies but Aizen completely ignores him.
Stark: He doesn’t say a word even at the death of #2.


Stark: What a downer. This isn’t a battle for revenge, but am I finally going to begin too?
It ends there. The story doesn’t progress much.

Another spoiler from nja


スターク No2が死んでも一言も無しか…
ハリベル …

スターク やるせないね~  弔い合戦じゃないですがこちらもそろそろはじめますか~

English translation

Barragan dies without looking back at Aizen.
Stark and Halibel watch No. 2’s death without a word.
Stark says something here.

Gin and Tousen were shown the sword and maybe that’s how they are obedient. And maybe they were already under its influence when they began the slaughter.
勧誘をきょひった時に お前の世界はもうこんなんだよと 術を解かれ
It is when Barragan refuses Aizen’s invitation that Aizen says, “Your world is already like this,” and reveals its technique.
The subordinates were sliced up and killed, and then they returned to their original world.
That’s my impression.


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