Bleach 369 Spoiler

Bleach 369 Spoiler is now available yet . We will update this post as soon as the Bleach 369 manga came out!

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Bleach 369 Spoiler – ブリーチ 369

Verification : Confirmed
credits : nja@2ch
via : bleachpage

結界貼りまくって あなたは爆風から逃げてましたよね?(自分も吐息食らうのかな?) 見たい な事
Hacchi puts up a barrier. “You fled from the blast? (Maybe his breath eats himself?) There’s something I want to see.”
He works together with Soifon and makes an opening in the barrier for an instant.
Soifon fires her nuclear blast into it and that’s the end.

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the confirmed Bleach 369 spoiler appear on tuesday night or wednesday morning.

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