Bleach Manga Spoiler 366

Bleach Manga Spoiler 366

Verification: Confirmed
Credits: Nja@2ch



記憶に残ってるのは ましろキーック

最後に平子が どうやずいぶんうまくホロウ化を扱えるようになったろ?


English Translation
credits : CG@BA

The battle doesn’t progress much…

They chop off [gillian’s] heads with a barrier and manipulate singing.
[the verbs here: ??????? atama wo chongiru – ‘to chop off one’s head’ and ?? ayatsuru – ‘to manipulate’ which were mistaken for similar sounding ‘chunky’ and ‘ayatsu’ (that guy)]

At the end Hirako asks Aizen, “So, how was it? We’ve learned to handle our hollow powers extremely well, doncha think?”

And with this he starts decapitation [moving forward towards Aizen I think] and the chapter ends.

So, I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet, guys. This chapter obviously is all about the vizards showing off their hollow powers specially for Aizen (oh, little sweet revenge! ). There’s not a word about Superchunky so far in this spoiler, so don’t count him (it?) for dead yet xD Also, there’s a word ?? (tabun) ‘possibly’ in the line about Lisa’s using 2 swords, so it still leaves room for doubt.

via : bleach spoiler 366 @MS

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