Naruto 449 Spoiler Script

Naruto 449 Spoiler Script

verifiction : pending

長門、幼女になる・・なんで?紙が白くなって俯いてる   コナン無言

サクラ、空を見上げて何あれ? ヒナタ、あれは・・?とか言ってる



水月(千鳥の比なんかじゃないぞ・・あれは) 以下略


Here’s Google Tranlate’s sucking translation:

Nagato “naga成道”
2 ascend to the sky dragon pet out. Black clouds begin to rain out the storm
Nagato “7 will now heal the patron leaves the rain continued to rain days.”
Naruto, if it? I talk with say
YOUHA, I would like to restore all
Nagato, changes in the body and spit up blood. Conan still a worry
Nagato, and I will幼女? Conan’s silence is俯I white paper

Sakura, you do the sky to the heavens? HINATA, that is? I’m talking

Dragon flying in the sky

Are waiting for the clouds are shining black dragon?

Sasuke “done”
(you do not, things like the ratio of the zigzag) snip

Demon shark “unlike weasel, I was hot-tempered brother.”

Waiting for a proper translate.

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