Naruto 448 Spoiler

source : naruto 448 spoiler

タイトル 形見
Title: “Memento”

Spine of book is Orochimaru.

In the chapter can be seen the speech of Naruto.
Nagato responds to this speech.
That is what teacher talked about. (Translator’s NOTE: Not quite sure about this. ).
A hint was given to me, written in the end of the story in a book. Naruto tells Nagato that he’s thankful. (Translator’s NOTE: Something along Naruto being thankful to Nagato of reminding him of the ending of the book.)
And then, to the story…
The protagonist in the story becomes Nagato. He is portraying the lead role. The story begins. (Translator’s Note… Yes, I know, it doesn’t make any sense. The translation should be pretty close, though.).
This time they’re talking about his name.
ナルトが 「ナルトだ」
Naruto “It’s Naruto”.
Upon that being said, Nagato returns to himself.

Studying under the same teacher… You and I understand each other.
You must be joking…

From the wheelchair, without hands, Nagato’s starting a seal
“You… I tried to believe in you…. Uzumaki Naruto!”

The End.

That’s it, simply.

I hope kakashi not dead

2 responses to “Naruto 448 Spoiler

  1. Hey guys I just read the English translation and it’s so short. i wonder if it’s the real spoiler. Isn’t it too early for spoiler to come out.

  2. @ Konoha

    i not climed this spoiler is confirmed…

    thx for being here

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