Naruto 445 Spoiler Raw

Naruto 445 spoiler
status : confirmed
sources : mangaspoiler

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Here’s a summary.

Nagato’s parents’ grave was erected, and he travelled around, begging .

On the way, He picked up a dog; it’s name was Chibi.

Everyone just ignored him, and he almost starved to death on the streets.

天使小南に拾われる そこで弥彦とも出会う
He was then picked up by Angel Konan, and then they happened to meet up with Yahiko.

In order to survive they did things like stealing and working.

弥彦の夢は 世界征服 
Yahiko’s dream is conquering the world.

It stayed the same until his death TL NOTE: Not sure.

He wasn’t able to apologize to his parents on their death, that’s why he’ll do his best to live til the end.

If he can take the top of the world, he can create a world with no wars.

長門 わぁ神様みたいだね~
Nagato: Isn’t that something like a God?


Inside Rain, the three and Chibi walked.

From the above, a tagged kunai fell from the sky.

The three and Chibi were blown away by the blest.

小南 チビが><
Konan: Chibi!?

弥彦 こんな所で戦争かよ と誰が戦ってるのか覗きにいく
Yahiko: This place is a warzone. I’m gonna check and see who’re fighting.

   あれは 才蔵と木の葉の忍びか(ジライヤ・ツナデ・大蛇丸)
That was Saizou and some Konoha shinobi (Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru) TL NOTE: Kanji is Saizou, but Hanzou makes more sense.

Let’s not involve ourselves with this and go to a safe place.

In Nagato’s arms was a dead Chibi.

弥彦 くそっ俺が神様になってこの戦争のない世界を作ってやる~
Yahiko: Damnit, I’ll become a God and make this world a world with no wars.

長門 (弥彦の夢が 次第に自分の夢にもなっていった…)
Nagato (Yahiko’s dream gradually became my own dream…)

で終了(背表紙はナルト タイトル・扉絵は忘れました…)
The end. (Spine of book is Naruto, I forgot the title and cover).

From what I understand, Nagato’s Pain is his parent’s death and the dog’s death.

Naruto 445 scanlation is not available yet, We will update this page as soon as the Naruto 445 manga is release. If you would like to discuss the spoilers or predictions, please leave a comment below.

3 responses to “Naruto 445 Spoiler Raw

  1. a DOG???….WTF…he a pussy for that

  2. i doubt its the dog. Probally yahiko will die in the next part. and that will be his second source of “pain”

  3. naruto chapter 445 released!!

    u can also download on
    Naruto chapter 445

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