One Piece (ワンピース) 540

One piece 540 spoiler | One Piece Chapter 540
source : mangabox

Lv6 Infinite Hell

Luffy and Co dashes down the stairs.
Luffy: *panting* “Ace! Wait for me!!”
Inazuma: “…”
Ivankof: “Strawhat-Boy! I’ll tell you just incase, but we are already in Lv6, deepest floor of ID”

Iva:”Why do you think this place is called the infinite hell?”
Luffy keeps running with a serious look.
Iva: “You’ve felt each floor’s severity increasing as you proceed deeper towards hell haven’t you?”
Luffy: “…Yeah”
Flashbacks of the beasts, and Mazellan.
Luffy: *Roars/Yells* I….will not lose anymore!!”
Iva: “Be aware, our bodies will become heavy like lead…once we’re through that door.”

Luffy: *Roar/Yells*
Luffy: *Kicks down the door”

Luffy: *Panting* “Where are you…Ace!!!”
Luffy: *Attempts to charge forward, but appears that he’s body won’t move to he’s will.*

Iva:”Your Haki…Inazuma told me about it…besides all…”
Iva:”It’s proven!”
Flashback of Luffy recovering from the poison.

Level6 exists at the bottom of the sea, the pressure and gravity tortures the prisoners to no end.
Apparently the marines can equip a device invented by Vegapunk to nullify the pressure.

Inazuma: “Without control of Haki, survival on this floor is impossible!”
Luffy:”…What the hell am I doing…”
Luffy: *Struggles with he’s knees on the floor*
Luffy: “Aokiji, those guys from Shabonty Island..that poison bastard…”
Luffy: “What the hell….is the future Pirate King doing, being so weak!!!”

Iva&Inazuma: “!??”

Luffy: *Releases Haki as he stands up*
Iva: “What enormous Haki…incredible”
Inazuma: “…The infinite hell…it’s trembling…”

Luffy: *Charges ahead*

Magellan is standing ahead. Ace is not there.

Magellan: “He wont die after taking all that poison…Seems he got help from the revolutionaries”

Magellan opens the lock on a prison.
A man (Similar appearnace to Smoker) with a cigar in he’s mouth is in it.

Luffy: “Ace, where are you!!?”
Luffy charges towards Magellan.

Mazellan: “How about I give you an order….Shiryuu”

Shiryuu makes he’s appearance standing alone in a cell.
[Impel Down Chief Warder: Shiryuu of the rain]

Magellan: “RIght now…ID is in the most wretched state ever..”
Shiryuu:”…Seems like it..”

Magellan: “The one approaching us…he’s name is Straw Hat Luffy. He took down CP9 at Enies Lobby, and struck a tenryuubito at Shabonty Part.”
Shiryuu: “No mention of defeating Crocodile?”

Magellan: “That’s an old story…any how, this enormous Haki…Can you slay him?”
Shiryuu: “Didn’t expect the condition of release to be so easy…”

Luffy approaches delivering a huge blow to Magellan, sending him flying.

Ivankoff as he/she catches up, notices Shiryuu.
Iva: “Straw Hat Boy! Wait!!!”

Shiryuu goes flying on a open page, chapter ending with Jinbei in shock, and Crocodile

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  1. wtf, not OP this week, how could i stand for whis week without OP, it’s my food and water.
    what’s making u so sure that author taken break, or she is already quit, because he is running out the idea and not more inspiration. my God.
    anyone pls tell me what will happen next…
    BEG FOR~~~~~~~~~

  2. Im begging also…. SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. du er homo

  5. said at the end of the chapter that the authors’s taking a break this week to collect data

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