Naruto 444 raw spoiler

Naruto 444 spoiler
Source: 2ch
Credits: nja
Verification: Confirmed
Source: MFT (The french team)
Translated by serenity85 at NF from the french translation

naruto 444naruto444-1

Nagato and Naruto start discussion
2black roads comes up from nagato’s wheelchair and attack naruto in his chest

Nagato – using that roads – shows how jiraya and kakashi died
Nagato thinks to control naruto but it isn’t so.

Konan: Even if he’s so close he rejected nagato’s chakra. What a guy!
Naruto sais that it was planned and his eyes start mixing frog style’s eyes and kyuubi style’s eyes.
Naruto: i cant forgive you, now let’s finish that.
And he attacks Nagato but then he stops and he asks Nagato about his past.

Nagato starts talking
Nagato: I felt pain twice. First time when my parents got killed
and here flashback starts

During the ninja war my family escaped. we hid into an house but 2ninja came in looking for food. Nagato’s mother told him to stay hide.
Then his parents attacked ninja and they were killed by enemies.

Enemy saw nagato and then he asked “why do privates should be in the middle of that war? Im sorry kid”
right that moment a storm started outisde. the ninjutsu it’s from a konoha ninja.

Nagato: “aaaaaaaaaaaaa”
Rinnegan was shown

start with my prediction :

1. in naruto 444, kishi show up kakashi
2. Nagato escapes konoha with Konan

Naruto 444 manga Prediction From Naruto Central

Nagato: Yes, kyuubi, I am the real one.

Naruto with a somewhat surprised face but not too shocked

Nagato: You have shown your strength and defeated my six paths

Panels of Yahiko. Nagato thinking about him.

Nagato: I will accept my death.

Naruto: I am not here to kill you, I only want to talk.
Nagato confused, surprised.

Nagato: I will answer any questions, but first tell me if you have found the answer to peace.

Naruto (confidently): I have. Nagato shocked (by his confidence)

Naruto: And it is different from yours.

Nagato: Please tell me how I am mistaken.

Naruto: You are right to seek power for peace. But you seek the wrong power. Destruction and pain will never bring peace. It will never stop hatred.

Flashbacks of moments of hatred that Naruto has seen.

Naruto: Hatred has only fueled ninjas to seek greater powers of destruction.

Flashback Sasuke moments

Naruto: But the greatest power in this world isn’t to destroy.

Nagato somewhat puzzled

Naruto: It is to forgive. To forgive and accept your enemy is the way to peace.

Nagato, astonished, jerks (like trying to get out of a chair or something similar, hard to explain) then starts coughing blood.

Konan passionately, with concern: Nagato!

Naruto: Now tell me about the masked one, Akatsuki’s true leader.

naruto 444 not now available yet. naruto chapter 444 raw spoiler up in freeday.

Naruto Trivia: in naruto manga series. Nagato Abilities. As the leader of Akatsuki and one of the two sides of the Amegakure Civil War, Pain is an extraordinarily powerful ninja that can easily be considered Kage-level, his partner Konan has stated that he has never lost a single fight. He was able to single-handedly defeat and overthrow the former Amegakure leader, Hanzō, and made short work of Jiraiya after unveiling all six of his bodies (though Pain admitted that killing Jiraiya would have been very unlikely had Jiraiya known prior knowledge of his six separate bodies).The black body piercings on each of his bodies is how he controls each body. This is supported by the Preta Path when it removes the body piercings from the dead Animal Path.


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  5. Colonel Sanders

    Naruto 444
    VERIFICATION: CONFIRMED (from edgarluvitug)

    Naruto and Nagato talks.
    Nagato fires a black rod from his wheelchair.
    Naruto takes it to his stomach.

    He then sees Jiraiya’s death and how Kakashi died from Nagato.

    Nagato[Thoughts?]: I try to manipulate Naruto and take him back, but Naruto is resisting the black rod.

    Konan: To repel Nagato’s chakra at this range, what a kid.

    Naruto: [I don’t get what he’s saying, sorry]
    Naruto’s eyes turn into frog + Kyuubi eyes

    Naruto: I can’t forgive you, I want to kill you right now!

    He charges at Nagato

    But he stops just before him.

    Naruto: I don’t know anything about you, why do you hate [Konoha]?
    Talk to me!

    So Nagato starts talking

    I have two pain[ful events], one of them is my parents being killed

    Then Nagato begins talking about his past

    At the height of the Great Ninja War, we had been too late at escaping, so we were hiding at our family’s house.
    Two ninjas came into our house.

    They were searching for some food

    Nagato’s parents: Nagato, you need to hide.
    Then they charge at the two ninja

    The ninja: They’re enemies.
    They kill his parents instantly.
    The ninja: There’s one more around here.
    The ninja search for food
    They look at the corpses
    The ninja: They were just civilians, huh. Why would civilians, in the middle of a battle… We’re sorry, kid

    At that moment, lightning strikes outside [and lights up the room], and what Nagato sees, are Konoha headbands


    And then, the Rinnengan is activated


  6. wow cool.

    Naruto’s eyes turn into frog + Kyuubi eyes
    so what’s is ?

    i wanna see a picture.

  7. Doubtful, its not called frog eyes either, its sage. That doesn’t make sense. Seems fake.

  8. Colonel Sanders

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