bleach 354 raw spoiler

bleach 354 raw spoiler

It starts from Ulquiorra’s flashbacks.

It’s a figure of Orihime slowly disappear (as he’s turning to dust)

(なんか色々思ってる このなんちゃらはお前らの頭を砕けばみえるのか~
He is thinking a lot of things like If I cracked you guys’ heads would I be able to see it? If I tried to open your skull would I understand?)
(The writer skips it)

これが 心(ハート)なのか
Is this a heart?

The opening page is Ulquiorra.

The scene goes back to Yammy.

The huge reaitsu from above fades away.

Did Ichigo win…?

ヤミー あ~あせっかく手伝いにいってやろうとしたのに
Yammy: Ahh… I was trying to help you, but you got beaten up in the end.

3人で話 あいつは10番だいける って見たいな展開に
Three of them talking: “He’s only number 10 so we can win…” It seems something like that is going to happen

Yammy enrages and releases! Choukyotaika (means something like turning to a giant)

ヤミーの10の1が消え 0に
At number 10 of Yammy, 1 disappears and leaves only 0.
I’m a Espada whose number is changed after the release!!

Who said Espada is number 1-10?
Actually it’s 0-9

Three of them are astronished.

The scene changes to Hitsugaya
He’s being pushed down

So a captain is someone like this. It’s your time to die.


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Bleach 354 not now available yet. Bleach chapter 354 raw spoiler up in freeday

Trivia : in bleach manga series, Ichigo has been noted on several occasions to have tremendously vast levels of spiritual energy, even by captain-level Shinigami standards. It is so overwhelming that even when worn-out in battle, he can continue fighting effectively while still capable of unleashing Getsuga Tensha. Fourth Espada Ulquiorra Schiffer has claimed that Ichigo’s spiritual power at its peak is even greater than his own, but that it fluctuates wildly when he is in conflict with his inner hollow. Due to the fact that he has far more spiritual energy than his body can contain, it leaks out constantly, preventing him from hiding it and effectively making stealth impossible when dealing with other spiritually-aware creatures. However, he has learned how to harden his spiritual energy and enhance the strength of his attacks or act as a barrier to reduce the impact of attacks on him, if not block them completely. Even before this, his spiritual energy was so great he was able to withstand a Menos Gillian-class Cero and subsequently wound the same Gillian, forcing it back into Hueco Mundo while using only his sealed Zanpakuto.


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