One Piece 535 Raw Spoiler

Source : manga
One Piece 535 PicsRaw Spoiler
Status: Confirmed.
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One Piece 535 Raw Spoiler One Piece 535 Raw Spoiler
One Piece 535 Raw Spoiler One Piece 535 Raw Spoiler
One Piece 535 Raw Spoiler One Piece 535 Raw Spoiler
One Piece 535 Raw Spoiler One Piece 535 Raw Spoiler

From Arlong Park (credits to Kiavik):

Short Summary:


LEVEL5 極寒地獄に落とされる

ボン・クレー マネマネの実でハンニャバルに変身

Another Summary:



From Aohige_AP @AP (via One Manga)

Scan 1
Chapter 535 “Buddy”

Scan 2
Hannyabal: (I said, you may pass… but yet they still come against us… fools)
Warden: This is Hallway to Level 3 reporting… We have a few casualties from bombing
…Yes sir, we captured “Buggy the Clown” and “Mr.3”

Scan 3
Magellan: To bring me to my knee… A cornered rat can bite! (guessing, left cut off on the side)
Luffy: uwaaaaaa!!!
Magellan: …However, that poison on your hands are enough… to rob you of your body functions….
Luffy: haa… huh…..
Magellan: It hurts, doesn’t it? Poor thing..!!!

Scan 4
Magellan: I bet you can’t use both of those hands anymore
The poison will… eventually rob you of everything.

Scan 5
Prisoner: I can’t even bite off a bread!!
Prisoner: Huh? hey look….
Prisoner: A newcomer just came in….

Level 5 Freezing Hell

Scan 6
The hallway from Level 4 to Level 3
Magellan: …..!!
What is going on here!! Hannyabal, even with you here…!!! All the soldiers are taken down…!!!

Scan 7
Buggy: Heh… Huh…. we’re saved
Mr3: We got away from getting tortured… (rest cut off)
Mr2 as Hannyabal: What do you think…? We have to save Mugi-chan as soon as possible!!!

Scan 8
(the top right is too blurry to read)
Mr2: Even if I died trying, I came to save you and go back. That’s the oath I made as I ran….
Buggy: You made an Oath, well that’s good for you… But why the hell would we have to go back to die just for him, when we just got out of there safe!!
Mr2: Beacuse he’s a friend!! I don’t need any other reason!!!

next week one piece 536 raw spoiler

4 responses to “One Piece 535 Raw Spoiler

  1. Fake spoiler mate!!

  2. This reeks, the top three shounen jump titles are at the climax yet the spoilers come too late

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