naruto 436 spoiler prediction

everybody, Naruto 436 Release, NARUTO 436 PEACE i was see in,

These is my Predictions and Spoilers of Naruto Chapter 436

I see four possibilities Predictions and Spoilers of Naruto Chapter 436

1. true body of pain

my prediction is true





Ino’s dad says Pain is probably on top of a mountain near Konoha, so as to transmit chakra better.
Naruto and Pain continue their conversation

What Nagato wants is peace and justice
What Naruto wants is peace and justice

So they want to go to the same place, they are just using different means

(Lots of talking, don’t have time to write, wait for ohana to give the rest)

We finally get to see Nagato.
He looks like a greedy Orochimaru (looks like Kishi has too few different characters)
He’s in a kind of wheelchair moving on all fours
He’s got lots of rods in his back, and holes here and there on his body

Konan: You’re using too much chakra
Nagato’s bleeding from the mouth
Nagato: Peace is so close…

2. Team 7 arrive and help Naruto get freed then beat up deva.
3. pain flashback
4. sasuke retrun

i will update this

Naruto 436 Raw Spoiler


20 responses to “naruto 436 spoiler prediction

  1. i have had enough of following this saga
    the writer seems to take pleasure in building our hopes up that naruto will be the man only to show him as being weak and needing to be saved by someone else

    i have had enough

    sauske does not need saving it seems. why is this? he is the man that naruto never will be

    i am sure there will be some long protracted 10 week diatribe before we get to naruto being saved but he will have to be saved

    then what is he

    he is weak

  2. kickoff!!!

  3. i think that your choice 3 should be choice 1 . This is deffinetly what i think will happen with maybe a glimpse of Nagato

  4. hey there,
    prediction number 1 sounds pretty possible and #2 and 3 also possible but i don’t think that sasuke is going to show up. i heard that a lot in the different predictions for the last 10 chapters but i think sasuke is a completely other story part of naruto. naruto will face sasuke sooner or later but in the fight between naruto and pein he won’t show up.

  5. 5.- Raikage team arrives

  6. I think team seven will stumble upon Pain’s real body, which will create a disturbance in deva pains body.

  7. I think prediction 1 is possible, but 2 would not cause pain is way too strong and only naruto is the only one to match his strength. 3 is most likely as at the end of 435 pain was going to tell naruto something. 4 is unlikely as sasuke is trying to destroy the village.

  8. there was something strange abt the way fukasaku died.. i mean.. fugasaku had finished absorbing the sage chakra before he was stabbed right?? i reember fukasaku telling naruto during the training that sage mode chakra can heal or something like that… which means fukasaku is not dead contrary to wht pain expected… my hypothesis is that as naruto and pain talk.. fukasaku heals just in time to complete the gengetsu and naruto uses the other clone to finish this pain off…

  9. Rasen-Shiruken

    i think that fukasaku is dead… even thought he absorbed the sage chakra he got stabed with that sword that distrupts charka…. the theory of team guy creating a disturbance sounds good so naruto can have some time to escape and call his other clone…

  10. Killerbee will arrive.

    There is no way team 7 is strong enough to take on god realm. Even in his current condition.

  11. Actually, the art of eye must be beaten by the art of art too. I think Sasuke can kick off pain but I’m not sure if he want to help Konoha.

    Nagato matchs Sasuke will be the most incredible doujutsu (the art of eye) figthing

  12. I think he’s moving on SIX LEGGED not four 🙂

  13. i think inoichi cs wiil be find nagato and konan at the top of konoha mountain,,and the second konoha battle will begin,,,=))

  14. i thin k goku will give nagato an ass kickn so bad he’d go back to konan’s ass and give madara a blowjob

  15. dick in konan's ass

    vash the stampede will shoot akatusi’s asses that they would allied them selves with the deceptecons to revive megatron, then naruto would have enough time to practice his new tech. KENKIDAMA!!!!!

  16. naruto will summon the dead hokages kick nagato’s brains out with his ultimate sage technique KENKIDAMA!!!!!!

  17. @dick, @konan : what is KENKIDAMA TECHNIQUE ?

  18. well as i said

    this is week one of the 10 week diatribe

    shinra tensei
    sorry if i speak the truth

    the naruto saga has lost its direction

  19. You are good in predicting. You are right. This is what makes Naruto episodes exciting. We can also create our own line of story and we are happy to know that our thoughts coincide with what Naruto writers think. Cheers!

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